Top 15 Reasons Glamping is Fun for Families

We welcome a lot of family glampers here at Glamping Under the Stars, and more and more are returning to stay with us year on year. And, many families are bringing other families along with them! So, just why is glamping so great for families?

We reckon these are the top 15 reasons that make glamping the ultimate family getaway…

Toasting Marshmallows on the campfire – one of the top reasons families love glamping
  1. You can’t light a campfire in a hotel room

Is there anything as exciting as being out under the stars, toasting marshmallows & telling tales by torchlight? Sitting at the campfire is the stuff memories are made of…

  1. It’s handy

It’s camping, without the hassle of packing up a car full of stuff. The tent (or quirky wood lodge or shepherd’s hut) is already up. The beds are already made. All you need to bring are your clothes and whatever you like to eat and drink. And then, just arrive and enjoy. Ahhh!

  1. It’s comfy

You might be under canvas, but you’re also in a proper bed. With a proper mattress. With pretty bed linen. And a cosy duvet. And electric lighting. And a spare socket to charge your phone. And extra blankets if you need them. It’s not too bad at all really. You could get used to this!


Bed covers are provided
Cosy covers! All bedding & linen is provided at Glamping Under the Stars

4. It’s not too far to go with a car load of kids

Being located in the Midlands of Ireland in lovely Co. Laois, means you are never too far from anywhere else in Ireland when you’re glamping under the stars. And you’re only an hour from Dublin. But yet, you’re a world away from everything. Perfect.

5. It’s good value

We charge per accommodation, rather than per person. So our prices work out at great value for families. Especially if you have more than 2 kids. As a family of five, we know all about hotels charging for 2 rooms once you tip over the two child limit. Most of our accommodations sleep a family of up to six. Perfect for larger families, or for two mum chums bringing a couple of kids each.

6. It’s very family friendly

We are well away from busy roads, and enclosed on all sides by trees and high hedgerows. So, you can let the little ones play in safe green space without worrying about the traffic. We’ve also made the glampsite a no car zone, with a car park separate from the glampsite itself.

7. It’s very family-friendly part II

We take care to book families in with other families. So, if you come for a weekend, or during the school holidays, the chances are there’ll be plenty of other families with kids here too. This means the kids can play and make friends, and the grown-ups often end up chatting over a glass of wine in the kitchen or around the campfire.

In fact, we’ve had guests get on so well that they’ve rebooked for the following year, just so that they can meet up with the friends they have made here. True story!


8. A holiday from screens!

Do we have WiFi? Nu-uh. We don’t offer WiFi. But often that’s a bonus for families for whom screen time is a constant battleground. How fabulous to switch off all the devices and re-connect. With each other. If only for a couple of days.

Plenty of safe green space for kids to play

9. Something for all the family

  • Kids love the freedom, novelty & adventure of it all
  • Parents love the chance to relax & chat or read a book (perhaps even enjoy a glass of wine) while the kids are happy.

You also get the fun of the camping experience – without having to worry about setting up camp and packing it all up again afterwards!

10. Fresh air & freedom

More and more, family life takes place indoors. With phones, TVs, computers & other devices centre stage in all aspects of our daily routine. Glamping gets you outside in the fresh air, but with all the comforts of home. We do have a ‘Glamp House’ kitchen/dining cabin for cooking, and proper bathrooms of course, but most guests prefer to sit outside at the campfire, enjoy a picnic on the grass, or sit outside on our sunny BBQ deck and enjoy their food al fresco.

11. Table manners not required

If you’ve taken your kids to a hotel or restaurant on holiday, you’ll know that it ain’t easy to get the kids to sit quietly and behave themselves! Unless they’re watching Peppa Pig/Paw Patrol on the iPad under the table. When you’re glamping, dinnertime is a much more relaxed affair. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, whipping up something delicious on the BBQ, or you’ve ordered a takeaway pizza for delivery, the kids can eat with their fingers and run around outside all they want. Aaaand relax!

12. No noisy adult groups

We’ve said it before, (and have even made a video about it), but we don’t mix noisy adult groups with family bookings. Large adult groups booking in for birthdays or hen parties must BOOK OUT THE WHOLE SITE. So, if you’ve booked in for a family trip, we will book other families in with you.

There are lots of family-friendly places close to the glampsite

 13. No babysitter needed

The glampsite is set up to maximize freedom for adults & kids alike. We keep cars out and hedges high, so kids have a large but enclosed space to run and play. There is also a kid’s playhouse, a fairy house and a small sandpit on the glampsite, so kids tend to congregate around there. The site is set up in a horseshoe shape, with accommodations arranged around the central kitchen & campfire areas, so you can keep an eye on the kids while you relax.

 14. Family activities nearby

We are often asked ‘what is there for kids to do?’ in the area. Well, don’t worry! There are a whole heap of family-friendly places nearby. Some suggestions are listed on our website here. And we always send out a long list of things to see & do when guests book a glamping trip with us.

There are woods & waterfalls, ancient ruins, historic houses, lakes, parks & playgrounds, steam trains and scarecrow festivals. We will point you in the right direction to make the most of your visit.

15.  You can book out the whole place

Increasingly, our guests are coming back to book out the glampsite for their extended family. Sometimes it’s to celebrate significant birthdays, and sometimes, it’s just a chance to get away & have fun together.


So, if you’d like to bring your family Glamping Under the Stars this summer, here are 15 good reasons to give it a go!

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