Birr Castle

Birr Castle offers a great family day out, situated in beautiful gardens, with an impressive waterfall and various sculptural features to explore along the way. The Castle itself is closed to the public, but there is plenty to see & do, with a magnificent two storey Treehouse for the kids to play in, as well as a large ‘bouncy pillow’ (a cross between a trampoline & a bouncy castle).

Inside the Visitor Centre, there is a fascinating Museum of Astronomy, showing that Birr Castle was once home to the largest telescope in the world. And you can see an enormous, highly engineered structure outside, where the famous Giant Telescope was once housed. There are a number of interactive exhibits and a swirly skyscape of stars, showing the constellations. See if you can find the ‘Plough’ in the sky at night when you get back to the glampsite.

There is also a pleasant café, ice cream vendor & snack shop for visitors.