Our Top 5 Glamping Resolutions!

  1. Be more adventurous

Ah! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! It’s nearly always on the new year’s list, but so hard to put into action. Especially when the comfort zone is so, well, comfortable! Glamping is comfortable too, but it’s also different & fun & exciting. So an easily achievable tick!


  1. Spend more time with the family

We all know kids grow up fast, but sometimes it’s hard to really engage with them – especially in hi-tech times where ‘screen time’ is king. A fun family trip is a great way to create memories together. Even if only for a night or two. Camping out under the stars, counting constellations, toasting marshmallows & telling stories is the stuff family legend is made of. Even teenagers love it. Tick!


  1. Try something new

You could try jumping out of a plane, eating a weird delicacy, or learn to play the banjo. Or you could try something less painful altogether. Like glamping. Sounds exotic, but it’s really rather luxurious, enjoyable and, well, pleasant. That’s another tick!

  1. Enjoy a ‘staycation’

Now the Celtic tiger has gone into hibernation, we’re all being urged to ‘shop local’, ‘buy Irish’ & even holiday at home. That’s grand. And you’d like to do your bit. But you still want a fun, memorable holiday. And if you can do it in style without breaking the bank then so much the better. Camping is as cheap as chips, but glamping is so much more. More comfortable, more civilized, more…you. Tick!


  1. Be kind to yourself

With luxurious furnishings, comfy beds and hotel style bathrooms, a glamping holiday certainly fits the bill. You’ve already ticked off a lot of your New Year’s goals by now, so heck, you deserve a treat. It must be time to crack open a bottle of something bubbly and enjoy something tasty for dinner. All that fresh air gives you an appetite! Tick!

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