How To Plan A Hen Party in Ireland

Your best friend, sister, or closest cousin is getting married. And she’s asked YOU to be bridesmaid. Now, you just have to plan a fabulous hen party for her. It’s a huge honour… And a big responsibility.

But, don’t panic!

At Glamping Under The Stars, we’ve hosted hundreds of hen weekends. Along the way, we’ve picked up some top tips to help hens keep everything on track. 

 Read on for our Ultimate Bridesmaid’s Guide to Planning a Hen Party in Ireland…

  1. HOW MUCH?

First things first: set a budget. Decide if you’re going all out for an extravagant champagne celebration, or opting for a more modest DIY approach. Or perhaps, a blend of both? (e.g. self-catering the group breakfast, but splashing out on a fully catered dinner).

Whatever you decide, be realistic about costs from the outset, and make sure everyone in the group knows what to expect.

Top Tip: Transparency is key to keep everyone on board.

Flower crown with yellow and white flowers in a pink box set on a wooden table next to a champagne glass of bucks fizz.

Consider the guest list carefully. Do all the guests know each other?

If not, icebreaker games can be a great way to kick things off.

Think too about the needs of your group – if  mothers of the bride and groom, older aunties, and even pregnant guests are coming, you might need to consider the activities and choose something that’s appropriate for everyone. (e.g. Will M.O.B./M.O.G. be impressed with a stripper?  Will the older aunties be up for an afternoon of ziplining? If so, more power to them. But it’s probably best to check before you book!).

Top Tip: Do check activities are appropriate for all guests before you book.


    Is your bride a party animal? Or would she prefer more relaxed vibes? Select a suitable venue and tailor the activities to suit your bride’s personality.

    While some brides love everything to be a surprise, it’s always worth sounding your guest of honour out about a few different options and activities.

    Find out whether she wants an active adventure, a fun, themed event, a super stylish night, or a singsong around the campfire.

    Top Tip: Cater the party to the bride’s tastes and you can’t go far wrong.

    Campfire in foreground, with colourful outdoor chairs (one green, one pink) visible in the background. a guitar rests on the green chair.
      1. BOOK AHEAD!

      Just like wedding venues, the best hen party places book up quickly (dates can book out a year in advance at Glamping Under The Stars). If you have specific dates (especially peak summer or bank holiday weekends), contact your preferred venues ASAP. 

      Top Tip: In this case, the early birds really do catch the worm!


      Commitment from the bride crew is crucial, as it has a knock on effect to everything else in the plan.

      We recommend that you create a WhatsApp group to update your girl squad, and a shared account, (or Revolut), for expenses.

      Top tip: Set a deadline for RSVPs & deposits so you don’t have to chase stragglers.

      Hen Party Ideas Ireland - Exclusive Hire Glamping Near Dublin
      1. TEAM BRIDE

      Organising a hen party is a bit of a mission. So enlist a few helpers who know your bride well. Brainstorming games, themes & cheeky surprises is more fun when you’re in it together – especially if there’s a bottle of prosecco open…!

      Top Tip: Work together – it’s more efficient & waaaay more fun!

        1. LOCAL INFO

        If you’re venturing outside your own area, a bit of local knowledge goes a long way. Asking your venue for a list of ideas & recommendations can save you hours of phoning around. 

        At Glamping Under The Stars we are always happy to share our list of tried & trusted suppliers with hen party organisers. Reliable suppliers can elevate the party atmosphere too – whether it’s a great caterer or confident model for a cheeky art class!

        Top Tip: Pick a venue that will help you source good suppliers (saves money & time).

        Table full of artfully arranged food (cheese, crackers, olives, etc), set up for a 'grazing table' for a hen party group at Glamping Under The Stars in Co. Laois, Ireland.
        1. DON’T BE SHY – JUST ASK…

        Finalising the details is important, and any hen party venue worth booking will be happy to answer your questions.

        Check anything you’re concerned about: accommodation capacity, BYO policies, noise curfew, decoration guidelines, (and anything else you think you might need to know).

        Top Tip: If in doubt, ask. Any venue or supplier worth booking will be happy to help.


        There’s nothing worse than losing people on a night out. And it’s a real headache for the organisers. For outings, we reckon you’re best to book a bus. 

        For a large group, it works out much cheaper than taxis, and keeps everyone together. (Minimizing the risk of you having to search for stragglers at the end of the evening).

        Top Tip: Organise reliable transport for everyone, to keep the group together.


          Stock up on alka-seltzer, mini toothpaste/toothbrush, mint chewing gum, plasters for heels, wet wipes for makeup, etc.

          Trust us, these kits are a lifesaver on the morning after the night before!

          Top Tip: Your girl gang will be sooo grateful for the thoughtful little bits in this bag!

          Two young women at a hen party at Glamping Under The Stars, Ireland. They are wearing flower crowns & sitting together at a picnic table with glasses of prosecco. They are taking a selfie with a mobile phone and smiling. One has a fabulous shaggy turquoise jacket on. The Stargazer's hobbit house is just visible in the background.
              1. TAKE (LOTS OF) PHOTOS

              Take loads of photos of everyone in the group enjoying the activities you’ve organised. The bride will be too busy having a ball, so it’s up to you to capture those fabulous memories.

              Top Tip: Share your pics in the group chat & encourage others to do the same.

              1. CHECK THE CHECK OUT TIME

              Make sure everyone knows what time you are leaving on the final day.

              There’s nothing worse than everyone being ready to go and saying their goodbyes, while that one person is still snoozing! #awkward

              Top Tip: Some venues will allow you to stay and finish your (much needed) coffee in the morning, as long as you vacate the bedroom areas.  (We always try to accommodate this for our hen party guests, wherever possible).

              Hen party group outside the garden house (hobbit house) at Glamping Under The Stars
                1. PACK IT ALL IN

                Before you leave, get everyone to double check for phone chargers, sunglasses, jewellery & clothing items.

                It’s easy to forget these small (but crucial) things after a big night out.

                Top Tip: Check the plug sockets before you go (it’s a fave phone charger hiding place!).

                    1. HERE’S TO YOU!

                    Whatever happens, the most important thing is that everyone has a good time. Including you!

                    It’s never easy being the organiser for a gaggle of hens, but try to find time to enjoy the party too. (Fair play to you for organising a brilliant bash!).

                    Top Tip: Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work!

                    15. DON’T FORGET…

                    Whether you go all out with matching outfits and party bags, or keep it breezy and spontaneous, the most important thing is celebrating with your girl crew. After all, what’s better than a get-together with your besties?

                    Cheers to love & laughter. And fantastic planning!

                    Good Luck!

                    Thinking Of Booking A Glamping Hen Party?

                    If you’re considering a hen party at Glamping Under The Stars, feel free to reach out to  Kyra, (our resident glamping guru & hen party enthusiast).

                    She is always happy to help (and has plenty more top tips where these came from!).

                    Call Kyra on 0860651485 or email Kyra@glampingunderthestars.ie

                    Click here for more info on our hen party glamping weekends.

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