How Our Family Friendly Glampsite Was Born

Why did we start Glamping Under The Stars?  We were asked this question as part of an interview for Mother’s Day, (about how motherhood has shaped people in Ireland). And it got us thinking! Here, co-founder, Kyra, tells the inside story of why we opened a family friendly glampsite in the first place. And shares some of the biggest things she learnt through becoming a mother in Ireland…

    How it all began…

    “Before kids, I had been a freelance copywriter – writing articles & advertisements for various companies around Ireland. I loved the job. Exciting meetings with clients in Dublin, the challenge of coming up with creative ideas, and delivering work at short notice. After having children, I found it impossible to go back to my old job. Ad hoc projects made it hard to organise childcare, and tight deadlines just didn’t work for me anymore.


    So, when our three kids were still very small, myself and my husband, Barry, started our glamping business, ‘Glamping Under The Stars’, here in Co. Laois. Mainly so that I could work, and also be here for the kids without the commute. (This was back in the days before remote working really took off).


    As a result, Glamping Under The Stars really is family friendly glamping in every sense. We welcome families for glamping holidays, and I can be here for my family too.


    I can also give guests first hand feedback on pretty much every family activity in Laois!”

    Kyra Fingleton, glampsite owner, and her three children (here aged 15, 12, & 9) stand together in front of the round wooden door of the 'Music House' - a grass roofed hobbit house at Glamping Under The Stars in Co. Laois.

    The biggest thing motherhood taught me…

    “Probably the biggest single thing I learnt in becoming a parent was how much humans need each other. I’m from a small family in the UK, (I have just one brother, and only three cousins), and I found joining a big Irish family a bit of a culture shock initially. 


    However, I quickly realised just how lucky I was to be part of a ‘tribe’. It’s a support network that includes (among others); a kind & wise mother in law, older cousins who love babies, and sympathetic sisters-in-law who’d been there, done it, and got the babysick-stained t-shirt!


    My own mum loves kids too of course, but she’s in the UK, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.  We talk on the phone nearly every day, and I really value that support and connection with her.  She comes to visit a lot, and we even had her 70th birthday party in the Meadow Glampsite!  (A 60’s themed fancy dress party no less!). It was lovely to have that big family gathering, with everyone singing songs and celebrating around the campfire together. Again, I think when you become a parent, you appreciate family at a whole different level”.

    Mother & daughter stand together with arms around each other. They are smiling and dressed in colourful 60s themed fancy dress. They are celebrating a 70th birthday at the Meadow Glampsite at Glamping Under The Stars in Co. Laois.

    Kyra was asked to share advice she’d give herself as a new mother.

    Here are her top five tips…

    1. Listen to your instincts. No one knows your child (or your life) like you do. There’s loads of opinions on what you should & shouldn’t do out there, but the best approach to parenting advice I ever got was this: ‘Do whatever works. And leave the rest behind’.


    2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t be afraid to accept help if it’s offered.


    3. Connect with other mothers. Whether they are friends, family, or mammies you meet at a play group.


    4. Take time out for yourself when you can. Even if it’s just a walk in nature or a quiet cup of tea by yourself to gather your thoughts.


    5. ‘Someday these will be the good old days’. I read that on a poster!  But it really struck a chord with me. Find time to make memories and have adventures. Kids really do grow up fast.

    These really will be the good old days sooner than you think.


    Mum, Dad and three kids aged 7, 4 and 1 cuddles together in a double bed in a bell tent. There is a children's book open on the bed in front of them and they are laughing together.

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