Going Green

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Since we opened in 2016, we’ve recycled as much waste generated at the glampsite as possible. Food waste goes to compost, while recyclable packaging is collected at our recycling stations and processed accordingly.

Of course, it’s always better to use less in the first place, so we ask guests to avoid single use plastics and offer reusable cups, plates and cutlery in our Glamp House kitchen.

And, in our Meadow site, we have embraced the ‘reuse’ motto too, incorporating upcycled windows, vintage finds and repurposed materials in many of our quirky, hand built accommodations.

Creating Habitat & Embracing Biodiversity

Across both glampsites, we believe that relaxing in nature, surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, birds and butterflies really adds to the glamping experience. So, to benefit both our guests, and the local wildlife, we have made a commitment to incorporating as many natural spaces as possible throughout our business.

Going Green in the Meadow

Our Meadow glampsite has two acres of wildflower meadow with wiggly paths mown through for guests to explore, and kids to play in (It’s also great for hide and seek!). We have also added a mix of trees around the glampsite, and have planted wildflowers around the bases of our bell tents, at the edges of our site, and even on the grass roof of our Glamp House.

In the summer, the place is alive with butterflies, and we have seen an increase in birds, (including unusual species such as buzzards & woodpeckers), as well as wild rabbits, squirrels, and even the odd pine martin! Meadow also features a biodiversity pond, (which is for wildlife and not for swimming!). Fenced from the glampsite for children’s safety, the pond supports a wide range of plant and animal life, from dragonflies to frogs, to fish, and even a family of ducks.

Going Green on the Mountain

The grass-roofed accommodations on the Mountain glampsite have given us another opportunity to sow wildflowers, and we’ve planted a large meadow area for Mountain guests too. There’s also an abundance of trees around the site, including a large
number of native Irish hardwood trees and fruit trees.

Also, the accommodations and Glamp House kitchen are built using a super energy-efficient I.C.F. (insulated concrete formwork) building system called Nudura. This means they are cool in summer and warm in winter, which keeps our guests comfortable all year round. It also means we need very little energy to heat them – another win for the environment!

We are happy to do our bit to support & embrace nature. We know our guests appreciate it, and we are very grateful for your help in recycling your waste when you stay with us. And of course, we want to protect beautiful nature for future generations of glampers!

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