Glampsite Reopening Scheduled For 20th July 2020

Woohoo! Finally we have received the good news that there is light at the end of lockdown! Further to Leo Varadkar’s announcement last night, restrictions are starting to lift, and a roadmap for getting Ireland going again has been set out. Based on this government plan, the glampsite is scheduled to reopen from 20th July 2020.

Glamping Unlocked

According to the announcement, Ireland will be unlocked gradually. From the 5th May onwards, we can start exercising within a 5km radius, and after that, lockdown will be lifted in five consecutive phases, timed at three week intervals. The reopening of camping and glamping sites is scheduled into ‘Phase Four’ – which begins on 20th July 2020.

This is great news for all guests booked in with us from the end of July onwards, with the reopening due to coincide with the best of the Irish weather! We can almost smell the BBQs and woodsmoke from the campfires already!

Big Demand For Bookings

Once we are officially allowed to glamp, we expect a huge surge in demand for what is already a very busy time for us. So, if you’ve been holding off booking a glamping break due to the uncertainty of the lockdown restrictions, now is a great time to book!

Go Glamping For €1 Deposit

To make things easier, you can now book a stay at Glamping Under the Stars with a deposit of just €1, for any glamping trip this summer, or in 2021. For more details on this offer, see our previous blog post here: glamping2.wpsc.site/go-glamping-for-e1/. Or, to make a booking, click ‘Book Now’ button on the home page of our website: glamping2.wpsc.site

Bookings Prior To July 20th 2020

For guests who have booked dates prior to 20th July 2020, unfortunately, we will not be permitted to reopen in time to accommodate your booking. However, any deposit you may have paid to us will be honoured as credit and can be used towards a future rebooking – for this summer or 2021.

We will be contacting all guests with bookings prior to 20th July 2020 in the coming days to discuss your preferences and to help you reschedule your trip. For more details on our corona virus policy, please see our previous blog post: glamping2.wpsc.site/corona-virus-policy-update-your-questions-answered/.

Groups Affected By Covid-19 Closure

Please note, we are aware that many groups booked in for 2020 weekends prior to 20th July will now wish to reschedule for 2021 weekends. We are currently holding our 2021 weekends to facilitate rebooking for groups who have had to postpone from 2020. You will be given priority for 2021 weekends. We will be contacting you over the coming days and will do our best to accommodate your rescheduling requirements.

We understand that the government will be closely monitoring the effects of the phased approach, and that there is an ongoing possibility that restrictions could be re-imposed and/or the phases extended. Should this happen, our guests can rest assured that we will carry forward any deposit paid to us as credit towards a future rebooking/postponement.

However, for the moment, this is very exciting news, that ultimately means we will get to glamp this summer! Hurray!

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