About Us

A bit about our friendly, family-run business...

Barry & Kyra Fingleton are excited to welcome you to the magical experience that is
‘Glamping Under the Stars’.

Barry has grown up in this stunning rural landscape with its forests to roam, streams to splash in and hedgerows for foraging. He has a love of camping & adventure, and of course, that primal thing that most men have about ‘fire’! Sitting & socializing around the campfire, singing songs & swapping stories, and sharing a decent local brew.

By contrast, Kyra is a city girl. She moved to Laois from London 12 years ago and now loves the area. However, she maintains that while camping is cool, it’s a helluva lot more fun when you have a cosy bed to sleep in, proper showers & loos, and somewhere to charge the iPhone! You can take the girl out of the city…

The kids
And, with 3 kids of various ages, we totally ‘get’ why glamping is so brilliant for families. It’s the adventure of sleeping out under the night sky, and, well, just doing something different together, as a family. Be it exploring the forest, eating al fresco, or counting the constellations, it’s a great way to get out there and make memories that will last forever…

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to your most frequently asked questions

Are you open all year round?

Our glamping season runs from 1st April to 1st October.

Do we need to bring sleeping bags?

All bed linen and duvets, etc are provided. We also offer extra blankets and hot water bottles.


Do we need to bring towels?

Yes. Please bring your own towels for using showers & baths.


Are there bathroom facilities?

Yes. We have three very nice bathrooms with proper flushing toilets, as well as bath, shower & sink in each one.

Is breakfast included?

No. All accommodation is self-catering.

We provide a cool, quirky kitchen with fridge freezer, gas hobs, microwave and BBQ facilities.  Kettles & toaster, pots, pans, cups, plates, cutlery & cooking utensils are provided too.

Is there electricity?

Yes, we provide electricity to all accommodation and the communal kitchen/dining area too.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, we do not accept pets. Except guide dogs.

Anything I need to bring?

Do bring your own towels, food & drink.

Other things that might be nice include a torch, warm clothing for cooler evenings, a guitar for strumming, marshmallows for toasting, champagne for quaffing…

Is there a noise curfew?

Yes. This is a quiet site after 11pm.

We won’t make you go to bed at that time, and quiet chat is fine, but we do ask glampers to be considerate towards each other in terms of noise.

This is more of a chill out place than a party place – though the glampsite can be booked out for private parties.

Do you recycle?

Yes. We try to recycle as much rubbish as possible, and have separate bins for recyclables in the glamp house & a larger recycling station for this purpose.

Please do your bit & help us to look after our planet for the next generation of glampers!